Acne Prevention Tips

17 Acne Prevention Tips

acne prevention tipsImportant 17 acne prevention tips

No matter if your acne condition improves or clears up, you should continue with acne treatment to prevent new acne breakouts. Beside the right treatment, combining proper hygiene habits and adequate diet is essential for successful acne prevention.

1. The most important of all acne prevention tips is that you get professional advice and help.

2. Find a good treatment method and hold on to it, don’t change it unless you find that it has low result or the condition is worsening.

3. Wash your skin with a gentle cleanser and warm water twice a day, and then pat it dry.

Do not use harsh soaps and hot water, because it could only irritate your acne affected areas. Also, avoid excessive washing and scrubbing. That could increase the inflammation and rupture cysts under the skin, making bacteria spread.

If you want to exfoliate your skin, make sure that you use gentle formula with small, smooth grains. Avoid products with almond or apricot shell fragments.

6. Use only skincare products that will not clog skin pores and cause pimples, ‘non-comedonic’ or ‘oil-free’ cosmetics.

7. Avoid using oily products for hair like pomades, hair sprays and hair gels, because oily hair can worsen acne, especially on forehead.

8. If you have longer hair move it away from acne affected areas, face, neck and shoulders, especially when you go to sleep.

9. If you need to use moisturizer because of dryness or peeling, choose the one that is ‘oil-free’, ‘non-acnegenic ‘.

10. Avoid products with high concentrations of isopropyl alcohol, or common rubbing alcohol.

11. Do not use strong and heavily based make-up. If you do use it, make sure that you wash it away as soon as possible. You should never leave make-up on your face overnight.

12. Avoid wearing hats, backpacks and tight clothing to prevent rubbing against your skin, considering that it can worsen the situation with acne.

13. Moderate sunbathing is good, but you should avoid too much sun exposure because it could dry, irritate and damage your skin.

14. Exercise. Because it will reduce stress level, increase blood supply and oxygen consumption. Moreover, it will reduce body fat and boost your metabolism.

Use remoistened clean-wipes or plain towel to wipe off sweat. Sweat combined with oil will create an ideal breeding ground for the spread of bacteria. Also use towel to prevent direct contact with exercise equipments. After the workout take a shower as soon as you can, to prevent acne aggravation.

15. Especially relevant is that you never pick or squeeze your acne. This way you will only push deeper into the skin the bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) which lead to larger infection and scarring. You should avoid excessive face touching because of the same reaction.

16. Furthermore drink sufficient amount of water (not just any kind of liquid) each day to help ‘detoxify’ the body, and take care of your diet. Eat healthy and balanced food, rich in vitamins and minerals.

17. Finally, one of the acne prevention tips is to be patient and think positive. It could take a couple of weeks to see the first results. Since acne can be stressful and depressing you need to calm down and become determined in your fight with acne.

A positive thinking will provide you with happiness, health and successful outcome of any kind of problem and challenge.