6 Most Important Acne Nutrients

Acne dietWhat is the proper acne diet? Although acne is not caused by diet, healthy nutrition is very important for our body and health in general, so we can say that acne diet plays a significant role in dealing with it.

The skin is the largest organ of our body therefore, what is good for our body it is good for our skin. A healthy and balanced acne diet can significantly improve the functionality of the skin or any other organ.

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What Is Rosacea?

What is Rosacea Rosacea is a acne-like skin condition, not acne, that affects many people, primarily Caucasians or Europoids, throughout the world (45 million) mostly those over the age of 30, both sexes. Moreover, it is usually more frequent in women but more severe in men. Then again it is and rarely seen on darker or black skin.

In fact it is a chronic (long-term), incurable but diagnosable and treatable skin condition with periodic ups and downs. Furthermore, it generally appears as a red rash at the central region of the face, mainly the forehead, the chin, and the lower half of the nose.

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What Causes Adult Acne?

What Causes Adult AcneAdult acne is another type of acne vulgaris that affects 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women over 30 to their 50s. It is possible that those who had no problems with acne during puberty have problem with acne breakouts as adults. The same negative effects can occur both on a man or woman as if it is a teenage acne. Probably even more because of the stress caused by every day obligations. What causes adult acne is no mystery and some causes can be found here.

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