Types of Acne

Types Of Acne

Types of AcneAcne Vulgaris is yet another term referring to common acne. This kind of acne is typically for adolescents. Nevertheless, it is possible that acne persists and become more severe reaching adulthood. There are two main types of acne vulgaris: non-inflammatory acne (also called comedones) and inflammatory acne.

Non-inflammatory types of acne

Whitehead is closed non-inflammatory type of acne also known as closed comedones. What happens when sebum and bacteria mixed with dead skin cells entirely clogge a skin pore? Obviously something has to break through. White spot that looks like bubble is raising up on the skin. Whitehead lasts shorter period of time compared with blackhead.

Blackhead is open non-inflammatory type of acne also known as opened comedones. On different ocasion it happens that sebum and bacteria mixed with dead skin cells is partially clogging the skin pore. As a result that clogged mass is draining to the surface. Dark color is a reaction of the skin pigment melanin when it reacts with oxygen in atmosphere. Blackhead has a stronger structure and it takes longer period of time to clear it.

Inflammatory types of acne

A papule is small solid structured pink lesion (about 5 mm or less) which is slightly raising above the skin surface. It appears when a follicular wall breaks then the skin pore fills up with white blood cells what causes inflammation. It contains no pus but rash, itching and even pain are usually present.

A pustule is actually papule forming after a few days later, very similar to a whitehead. However, in comparison to the papule, it shows up as a red circle along with a white or yellow pus. Pustule is another name for a zit or a pimple.

Nodule is a severe type of acne vulgaris. It`s a large, hard structured and often quite painful bump that appears deep within the skin. It usually lasts for a few months. Furthermore, it appears when follicular wall breaks around the lower part allowing the sebum, bacteria or dead skin cells to block it. That leads to a big inflamed bump. Scarring is also very common along with this type of acne.

Cyst is another type of severe acne vulgaris often very similar to a nodule, but unlike the nodule it is filled with pus. This is a very painful type of acne and can reach size up to 2 inches or even more. Once again, scarring is very common.